Polkadot and Café News

Like many other businesses this year, we have had to make some difficult decisions about how we can adapt in order for us to keep the businesses up and running.
After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the decision to merge Caffè Eighty Nine and Polkadot into the same premises (93 Tankerton Road). 
Although I am very sad to give up the Polkadot shop (many of you will remember it is the site where our cafè first started), I am also excited for the future of the new combined businesses.
What does this mean for the cafè?
Caffè Eighty Nine is going to be rebranded and will now be called Café 89. We’ll have a new logo, new colours and a new menu of our best selling items.  Although this does mean we will be losing some of our breakfast menu items and light meals, we’ll be adding to our range of cakes, sandwiches and paninis. 
However more excitingly, we’ll have more food prepared fresh each morning which can be eaten in or taken away which will work to reduce the wait time for your food. We are also expanding our drinks menu to inlclude some brand new (and healthy) options -  there will be plenty to choose from! 
What does this mean for Polkadot?
Polkadot (and all of our beautiful cards, balloons and gift wrap) will simply be moving into part of the existing cafe space. We will be expanding our stationery and gift ranges, as well as continuting to grow our website by adding new items on a regular basis. Customers will still be able to get free local delivery to Whitstable adresses, and we will be runnng special discount offers seasonally.  
What about Dolcé?
In Dolcé, we will be continuing to make delicious fudge and gelato on the premises. We hope to be able to add brand new flavours and gifts to our product range, and would love your input on this - let us know any new flavours you’d like to see!
When is this happening?
The café will be closed for renovations from Thursday 1st October, whilst Polkadot will close on Sunday 4th October. Both businesses will re-open in the new (merged) premises on Wendesday 7th October.